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Adress: 1 allée de Sainte-Anne,
Soleine le haut
89290 VENOY

Phone: (+33) 660 683 222


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The charm, the true

Here everything is just harmony and authenticity. Each patiently mottled object has found its place in an almost natural and obvious way. A real alchemy between old stones, unusual place, preserved nature and old objects staged by their owners, Passionate bargain hunters.

The magic of the place

As if set in lush greenery just a few kilometers from Chablis and Auxerre, you will enjoy a unique place to relax and unwind, a place where magic takes place the moment you walk through the door of this exceptional area.

A story to share

It is the desire to share, to make discover the place and to make dream that which pushed Béatrice Magne to open the place to the public. Here you will return to the story of a family which, step by step, is committed to welcoming you in the best conditions, like at home.